WH Nature Shop is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of natural hand-made toiletries. Our products are made through natural & ecological plant sources, natural raw materials, herbal formulas and natural oils that can gently preserve the skin's protection and solve the problem of chemical synthetic detergents on the skin. It will allow our skin to breathe freely.
WH Nature Shop主要从事天然手工制作的洗浴用品推广。通过自然生态的植物来源,坚持天然原料制作, 草本植物配方及天然油脂能温和地保留植物油中对肌肤的保护及滋养,为一般肌肤及皮肤问题者解决了因化学合成洗涤剂 \ 残留在皮 肤上的困扰,以及让长久以来一直无法自由呼吸的皮肤开启了一道曙光。

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Nature story handmade soap is rich in natural nutrients of Inca fruit, natural olive oil and coconut oil which are completely free of paraben preservatives, pigments, chemical surfactants, etc. It can wash away the chemical substances on skin & hair and restore the healthy nature and protect the hair, scalp, and skin from oxidation and damage caused by environmental substances. It is suitable for everyone to use every day, giving you a healthy, fresh and beautiful feeling. Handmade soap is made from Inca fruit oil, Sacha Inchi from the Peruvian Amazon, which are rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3, Vitamins A and E and contain a lot of natural antioxidants and moisturizing functions. All these natural nutrients needed for hair and body skin health, and are superfoods advocated by the nutrition community. Generally, mass-produced toiletries such as shower gels, lotions, shampoos, and hair conditioners contain a large amount of chemical materials, flavors and mineral oils, resulting in lubricious and scent, but not good for skin and hair.

Nature story 手工皂富含印加果的天然营养成份,天然的橄榄油及椰子油完全不含对羟基苯甲酸酯防腐剂,色素,化学界面活性剂等,能洗净残留于皮肤与头发上的化学物质,恢复头发与肌肤的健康本质,并有效防护头发,头皮,肌肤因环境物质所造成的氧化与伤害。适合所有人天天使用,给您全家健康清新亮丽超赞的新感觉。手工皂内富含印加果油,富含神奇的印加果 (Sacha Inchi),原产自秘鲁亚马逊流域,富含 人体必需的多元不饱和脂肪酸,尤其Omega 3 的含量是天然植物中最高的,更含有大量的天然抗氧化与保湿功能的维生 素A和E,是头发以及全身肌肤健康都需要的天然营养,更是营养学界推崇的超级食品。 一般大量生产的洗浴用品如沐浴露,乳液,洗发乳,润发乳等都含有大量的化学原料,香精与矿物油,以致产生润滑柔顺感及迷人的香味,但那不是皮肤与头发健康的本质。

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