About Us

WH Nature Shop 主要从事天然手工制作的洗浴用品推广。



WH Nature Shop is mainly engaged in bath products that specializes in creating handcrafted soaps.

Our products are made through natural & ecological plant sources, natural raw materials, herbal formula and natural oils that’s gently retain the protective and nourishing properties of vegetable oils. In order to solve the general skin, skin problems due to chemical synthetic detergent residue on the skin and it allow our skin to breathe freely.

Skin needs to breathe, let’s check out our peach formula. Our lovely soap products which made from scratch using only quality which havea rich natural formula of cold-pressed Inca oil, olive oil, evening primroseoil, shea butter, avocado oil, lavender extract, etc. It does not need bubble maker; it quickly makes a rich creamy lather which suitable for face cleansing bath and purify pores. Furthermore, it can effectively regulate the metabolism of skin, skin oil, water balance and recover dermatosis, eczema and other skin problems.

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