Introduction of Handmade Soap







Handmade soap is made from 100% natural vegetable oil which can clean the skin effectively. It does not contain chemical ingredients and will not cause burden, injury and allergies to the skin. It is suitable for everyone to use every day and will make the skin become healthy.


【Including Natural Glycerine】

Glycerine is a moisturizing ingredient that is indispensable in skin care products and cosmetics. Natural Glycerine is formed in the dry air for 30 days, which has super moisturizing effect and is very mild to the skin.





【Full of Nutrition】

Handmade soap is made by cold method. The temperature is usually between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. The process does not continue to heat up, so it does not destroy the nutrients in the vegetable oils. Various vitamins and essential oils are also retained.

【Special Efficacy】

Some handmade soaps are specially added with additives such as essential oils, flowers, spices, fruits & vegetables, milk, and grains. These additives have various adjunctive therapeutic effects such as whitening, ecchymoses, anti-wrinkles, moisturizing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, eczema, etc. Different additives have different curative effects and can also be made according to the needs of different people. Ordinary soap and shower gel cannot be made in this way.


【Environmentally Friendly】
Because handmade soaps differ from chemical cleaners, they are broken down into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria 24 hours after contact with water. Therefore, even if it flows to the river or the sea, it will not cause environmental pollution and will not pose threat to marine life.

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